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630 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada

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July 4, 2017
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Beware of this landlord . They never give you in writing. They don't have or they will.never share with you.
4. Postal address.

I had leased this premise on the agreement and according to lease made in 2007 for 5 years with a option of 5 plus 5 years which was a total of 15 years . I spend almost 150000 on improvement of the property on the anticipation I had the building for 15 years.

Before 1st 5 years , in fact 1 year before EXPIRY of lease I told the landlord I was renewing the lease and using lease option. She told don't worry we will give you and kept on dragging the signing the renewal of lease. Eventually when it was 3 months she call me to a Tim Horton and gives me a lease.i read the lease and found it was not a renewal of lease but a new lease without the option of 3rd five years renewal option. When asked she told you had not given 6 months notice to use the option to renew.but I did not have

4. Postal address.
For any notifications to be send .

I told her I would need another day for due diligence and will get back on signing the lease next day. She told if you are not signing you would not even get this 5 year lease. Literally at gun point she made me sign the lease.

So beware of 630 bloor street West property owner.