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6446 Madison Street, Queens, NY, USA

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December 17, 2016
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BE AWARE Do not rent from this landlord. His name is Sal Ventimiglia. He is very untrust worthy, rude and conning. Read the lease fully before signing it. He advertises the apartments as rent stabilized but has a provision on the lease called preferential rent where he can increase it to the real price/market price; which he uses as a threat if you have a complained like heating issues. The landlord is very intrusive, and likes to inspect the apartment all the time, and at any time of the day. Once a month he sends the exterminator to spray the apartments for bugs, and they spray chemicals every where in the kitchen.The building has six apartments, and for the time I rented all units had new tenants almost every 6 months. Some tenants have sued him. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO STAY AWAY.

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