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65 Pettibone Square, Toronto, ON, Canada

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February 3, 2016
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Please never move in here! I lived in this apartment for two years and it was a complete nightmare!
When I first signed the lease it seemed great! It was a basement apartment with cheap rent, everything included (even laundry and internet) and it had two bedrooms and two bathrooms. My roommate and I signed the lease, and the landlord told us he lived upstairs with his wife and 7 year old son, which was fine with us. We later found out that he also had a 4 year old daughter, who was up all hours screaming and throwing tantrums (she would literally be up until midnight and then back up at five am the next morning). It was to the point we had to come home and sleep during the day. They would also enter the unit when we weren't there, and do laundry during the only laundry hours (after seven pm) so we had one evening a week to do ours (also the dryer took 3 cycles to dry a half load).
They moved out a couple months after we signed the lease and placed new tenants upstairs, 3 students. They were great and we never heard from them. In the summer we asked if we could have some friends sublet out unit for four months, which at first was fine, until they moved in. We needed a new carbon monoxide detector and it took SIX MONTHS to get (he believed it needed new batteries and was in denial of buying a new one, even though I told him we needed a new one), so he went to drop it off when no one was there. I received a phone call where he proceeded to yell at me for no one answering the door. He continued to call me and yell because "they were doing laundry during the day". It was his other tenants and he was constantly stopping by and spying on my friends. I had to stop answering my phone because I'd be in tears by the end of his calls, from yelling and constant threat of eviction. Finally my roommate went to see him and settled things (turns out our one friend was at work and the other one was in Mexico on a trip during this laundry incident). Regardless I stopped taking his calls.
When we moved back in he had new tenants upstairs, a man and his mother. After about four days of living there the man came down to my unit, drunk and on some sort of drugs and tried to pick up my friend and I (both girls in our 20's). This harassment wouldn't end and my landlord had to tell him to stop. He would also yell at his mother a bunch and many nights I'd fear he was going to kill her. We were also promised a parking space for visitors but he gave them both parking spaces and we were left with nothing (even though you could technically park three vehicles in the driveway, but they parked in a way so we couldn't use the driveway). These people wouldn't leave so eventually I chose to leave (my roommate stayed with a new roommate for her own reasons).
The landlords always come by the house to spy on whats going on there, and asked us to leave work and turn off the A/C because the upstairs people had their windows open. I told him to please stop bothering us with things like this when we are at work. We were already uncomfortable with being near the man upstairs and we don't want to be in the middle of it, After that the harassment texts started, even though I was moving out in four days. He said I couldn't leave because I needed written notice, so I left him paperwork in the garage, which he replied with "if anything is missing from the garage I'm taking you to court". After I threatened to take him to court for unsafe living conditions (that apartment is full of BLACK MOLD .. seriously, both bathrooms are crawling in it since its in the walls), he left me alone.

The landlords are absolutely bananas and have no idea how to treat people or provide a safe living environment. They don't care about anything or anyone and if a problem arises then you are on your own!

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