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657 Saint Marks Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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April 23, 2019
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I lived in a building managed by Sanford’s son Max. Max consistently lied to me, spoke in threatening and offensive ways, and refused to cooperate on normal functions of owning and managing a building and tenants. Max treats his tenants with such disregard and lack of empathy, I am forced to question if he is in fact is psychopathic. He also does not have basic organizational skills to manage buildings and situations that do not go his way.

Some of the issues I had with my apartment and Nager Realty include:

Max promised my keys would be in a lock box waiting for me to move in. I arrived on a holiday weekend to no keys and Max was out of town.

My apartment was being renovated and I was promised that it would be done by my move in date. When I arrived, I had no bathroom sink, the apartment was covered in dust and soot, I had no smoke detector, no light fixtures, and the kitchen counter wasn’t finished.

I was not initially given a key to the front doors of the building because there were no locks. However one day, Max had locks put in with no notice and I was locked out. I had to hope a neighbor was home every time I wanted to go in or out for days.

Max refused to help the building get our mail from where the postman dropped it behind the basement gate into a puddle and area where rats lived. He refused to work with the postoffice to get them a key to the front door so that they could access our mail boxes.

The radiators in the building needed to be fixed. My apartment ranged between 90-100 degrees between the months of November-March. I had to spend most nights staying with other people because it was so uncomfortable. Max refused to fix it. He suggested I “open a window."

The radiator in my apartment leaked when I was out of town and damaged the floors and hundreds of dollars of my belongings. Max did not send someone to fix the radiator for over a week, further damaging the apartment.

The locks on front doors of our building stopped working and the doors were left open at all times for months.

Max takes long weekends every weekend. If I were to email him on a Thursday, I would not hear back until Monday or Tuesday.

Max specially gave me his personal cell number to use. I called once and he screamed at me for calling and told me I was a “rude little girl.”

Max was uncooperative while I was trying to set up gas in my apartment. He did not have access or want to find access to the basement (where the meter is) of the building for over a month. I lived with no stove or oven for that entire time.

Max and Sanford are more than the usual despicable New York City landlord. I would never ever allow anyone I know to rent from them.

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