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67 Edgewood Street, Hartford, CT, USA

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April 21, 2013
Management Company/Landlord
Building/Apartment Maintenance

This landlord comes off at first to be a professional but as soon as the money is in her hand she turns into a greedy horrible excuse for a human being. We've asked her many times to make repairs that are necessary to the house and she refuses stating there is nothing wrong even when the city inspector came out and told her she needed to fix it she has a blatant disregard for the safely of the children living in the house because she refuses to repair. We held the rent from her until she decided she would make the repairs (this was the advice given to us by more than one cop to do) and she still has not made repairs it has been over a month and she started the eviction process. Also she did not tell us this before we moved in but she has rats but will not pay for an exterminator to come out and fix this problem. Please she has multiple apartments for rent in the Northend of Hartford if you hear or see her name try to avoid this residence. I have spoken to some of their other tenants in the other houses and they absolutely can not stand her they only deal with her boyfriend. And also she left out the reason why this house has not been rented since 2010 it's because there was a drug raid there and they found both guns and drugs. I no longer feel safe living here considering she always has mass amounts of hoodlums hanging out in front of the house. And she never wants to answer her phone or talk to you face to face she will only text you ! How pathetic so much for being a professional landlord! STAY AWAY