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69-82 Eliot Avenue, Queens, NY, USA

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October 17, 2020
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My husband and I chose this place because of the great safe neighborhood, clean parks, and very kid friendly. I was hesitant to consider this apartment because it is located on the 2nd floor and we have 3 very young boys. We
Met the landlord who lives on the 1st
Floor. He was super welcoming and friendly and even said he wouldn’t mind our young children because he has kids of his own, but that as long as they were quiet at a late hour, he would be delighted to have us.
He does 1yr leases, accepts only cash, and we respected that. We are a very well mannered family, only want peace and respect, which he and his wife gave for the most part.
My first disappointment was the amount of large water bugs that would Come through the heater vents. We did mention it to him and he sealed cracks and used organic spray which didn’t last. Numerous roaches kept
Coming up to Our floor and the
Landlord never wanted to use an exterminator.
While the covid outbreak occurred in March 2020, we received NY city courtesy food twice a week and I started to notice the boxes would be missing from our shared balcony. I kindly text the landlord if he or His wife have seen any food boxes and he replied no but to contact the company. After several more missing boxes, I kindly text the landlord again to see if him or his wife have seen the box that was just delivered. He called me and said his wife was on 3way on the other line since he was at work and said they also receive the NYC food and that he just wants to be fair. I said it was not a problem but that the delivery guy did just call me to say he left it on the balcony, but that it was okay, they can keep the box that was just delivered, and to have a good day. 20 minutes later the wife opens our door Herself and brings the two food boxes, opened and starts yelling at me infront of my 3 young boys yelling “why do you text my husband I’m stealing from you?! Tell me to my face, tell me to my face!” And I calmly replied “I never said you were stealing, I can show you my texts. I kindly asked if he saw the packages. If you prefer me to call Or text you for future questions, may I have your number?” She continued yelling “no no you tell it to my face and come downstairs!” I said “I found it more polite to text nicely instead of confronting about something so silly espcially since it’s free packages of food, but if that’s what you prefer it’s not a problem, we should just communicate to understand each other, and not yell.” Then she replied “I can’t speak English good but you Filipinos Come from Us”. I assume since she is Chinese she was trying to say Filipinos come from China. It was not a racial issue for me but I guess she made it to be. I still remained calm and said “I don’t want conflict, please
Keep the boxes, it’s not worth you being angered especially infront of my children.” She continued yelling and raising her hands and then started saying her kids can’t even study because my kids run around and jump all day long. (This was never brought up before so It was Definitely out of spite, but at the same time we have all been on lock down due to covid for the past 2-3months, yet I did the best I could to keep noises down. By this time it was June and her kids weren’t even in school.)
The delivery guy then called my cell Phone so I then placed it on speaker So she could hear. He said he was downstairs to bring me two more boxes since he felt bad my packages kept missing. I told the wife to please go downstairs and she can keep those boxes as well since she was so angered. She ran downstairs and was very rude To the guy, again asked who the boxes were for and he told her my name and that was that. No thank you for me even giving her my boxes or anything. Not even a sorry for lashing out like an animal. After that, I cancelled
My food boxes because it was not worth all that stress and anxiety. There was no word
From the landlord nor his wife for a couple weeks up until the landlord had to fix a leak in one of the bedrooms.
Pertaining to the incident, He said it was no ones fault, and that it was the companies fault. I replied “I didn’t even care about the food at that point but the way his wife approached me like a pit bull ready to attack. We are a very decent family, and if she had a problem she could have talked to me like a human being. I did not deserve that treatment.” He then said jokingly he and his kids know his wife can be a bit crazy at times. He said a quick sorry and didn’t want to hear my side of the story. He quickly fixed the leak and left. After that it was just extremely uncomfortable to live there. The wife would constantly start banging her broom up against the ceiling even if my kids were simply laughing. There was such horrible negative energy in that home from then on. And whenever we would go home, the wife would stare out the window with a nasty mean face. A few times my husband would take the kids out for a walk and coming back she would be outside and see them and she would turn the other way.
Middle village is somewhere you want to raise kids since it’s known for a friendly atmosphere, but this lady made us feel like we were living in the ghetto. She was rude and nasty and we didn’t want to continue allowing our kids to be brought up around someone like that.
I’d say for cheap rent for a good area, this place is for you if you don’t mind roaches and a bipolar wife.

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