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701 Walker Street, Stevens Point, WI, USA

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July 11, 2019
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Landlord (Kezeske) is very creepy. He comes over almost every day to "do yard work" and peeks in windows.
Everything in the house is very cheap/low quality and poorly put together/installed.
He has an issue with single mothers (so I am really unsure why he rented to us in the first place) but is constantly asking very nosy questions like "can you afford that?" (first of all, yeah I can - you saw my income when we applied! second of all - if I couldn't, why did you rent to me?) Asks a million questions if he sees anyone at the house. Just very weird all around. Borderline stalker/harassment.

We have been here less than 4 months and he is claiming some damage to siding on the house was cause by us. It absolutely 100% was not, I think he just wants to replace it somehow and is looking for a way to get it paid for.

Entire backyard floods even with the tiniest bit of rain. Fire pit is always full of rain, even if it hasn't rained in a week, and can't be used.
There is zero insulation in walls or in windows, and the front door is drafty - so much so, that you can see light coming through the sides in the afternoon. Heat bills are insane, I am talking $200+ for the cold months of winter, and it is never warm no matter how high the heat is turned up. This is coming from someone who keeps their house at 69 in the winter - heat cranked to 80 doesn't get the house up to 69, and by the doors/in the bedrooms is even colder. I would stay away from this place, even if it is cheap!