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7120 Shoreline Drive, San Diego, CA, USA

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June 18, 2018
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I am writing a review in regards to Unit 2314 with landlord Ivy Chen. The apartment itself is clean, quiet and isolated, but that's the only pros about this place. My landlord has entered my room several times without my permission when I was away from the house, which forced me to get a replacement lock on my door in order to prevent entrance without permission. Even still she would still come into my room while I was gone. She also has a tendency to lock her room every single time when you're in the house and doesn't say hi. During my time here I've encountered ants issue for over two months and constant spiders running around the place. Parking is also extremely hard to find around the place especially after 7pm on weekdays. Another thing worth mentioning is that the average single price within this complex is $800-100, but she would charge $1100 per month and disregard your right and privacy as tenant because this is her house.
The worse part about living here is when tenants encounter issue with anything in the house; from the way you use kitchen to washer/dryer and to even your room condition. Since the landlord owns this place, the community is not responsible for any damage or issue within the house. Also PLEASE READ OVER THE LEASE because many of the items listed are most likely against you. For instance, if any utilities break in the house, the tenant is responsible for fixing it while ignoring the fact that the landlord lives within the same house and also uses the same utilities. Secondly, when conflict arises, she would refer all communication to her mother and refuse any direct communication. (Ex. Locking her door and never go to living room or kitchen just to avoid you). Also when she notifies you with any issue, her tone would mostly be passive aggressive or blame/command you directly on the condition of the house, which felt really cold to me as a tenant. Since I felt like an intruder interrupting the space instead of a tenant living at a house where they paid for.
Another issue I had while I was living there was that her whole family would show up out of no where and either stay overnight or be in the house without any further notice, and disregards privacy and space for the other tenant. Also on the lease it says you are not allow to have any guest or overnight guests in general but she would bring her friends over pass 10 and expect tenant to obey the contract.
In conclusion, my living experience was extremely bad to the point where I've avoided going back to the house for 4 months straight before my lease ended. This was the situation I went through and I do not wish upon anyone to have the same experience as I did.

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