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722 Peddie Street, Houston, TX, USA

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October 6, 2016
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Landlord is the manager of this unit. and now the realtor of it He is a bully and I decided to let the courts finally decide. His deductions included 2400 dollars on top of the 1500. I knew I wasnt going to get 1500 back. But the way I was treated as if he was my boss the entire time... I prepared. I documented everything and I knew the storm was coming. VIDEO TAPE EVERYTHING ON MOVE OUT AND USE THE DAYS NEWSPAPER TO SHOW THE DATE. He mocked me in mediation... but I still hadnt shown my cards. He filed a counter suit for his attorneys fees. When we reached the judge I had 22 exhibits that proved he was lying. You can not trust this man as a manager or a realtor. When he lost, Ive never seen somebody leave a courtroom so fast. Justice.

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Balcony, Deck, Patio
Food & Nightlife
Laundry Facility
Quiet Block/Street
Storage Space