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8232 Westland Drive, Knoxville, TN, USA

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June 7, 2017
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The man who rents these homes on Westland Drive stalked and did damage to one of his former tenants new homes years after she rented from him on Westland Drive in 2007. His former female tenant had to get a RESTRAINING ORDER against him in 2012 when she caught him doing damage to her new residence in 2012. She was also never "evicted" by him her lease was up and she chose not re-sign it. She also won her court case against him and never had to pay him( or court costs) any money for "supposed damages" to his rental house he had up for sale a very short time after she moved out. A final walk through the rental home upon last day of lease accompanied by an attorney can prove the home was never left filthy. There was never a dog business being run out of the home she had personal dogs she paid a pet deposit for just like all of the other tenants you had with pets you chanrged a pet deposit on. This is all that needs to be stated about this possible future landlord and why you should just stay away from his rental properties on Westland Drive.