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845 Columbia Street, Houston, TX, USA

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December 10, 2015
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the property had bugs- regardless of the cleanliness of the place- bugs were there when it was dirty and when it was clean, to my knowledge the place was not exterminated, the yard was not mowed often enough (it was agreed to be the duty of the landlord)- the grass usually grew up to the height of my knees before it was cut even after multiple attempts to contact the landlord, maintenance requests took months at a time to get a simple response to, the air conditioning unit in the main room upstairs did not work for the entire summer- May through the end of August when the landlord was informed in May and had received multiple attempts from me to contact the landlord, landlords showed up at various times for various reasons without notice or "I will be there in an hour" during the work day- then proceeded to comment on the cleanliness of the place- such as if dishes were not done or if things were not put away, at one point landlord said maintenance issues would not be addressed until the apartment was to his personal cleanliness standards, I was told I would get my deposit back "if I cleaned after I moved out" - I cleaned and a month after I moved out I had to send three or four texts over the span of [about two weeks - estimated time frame] to which the response was that I was not receiving my deposit back, I have made multiple attempts to get an accounting of how my deposit was spent- something that I believe he is required to give- and as usual- he ignored requests for the itemization of how my deposit was spent and why I was not getting it back after I "cleaned after moving out" like he had required- finally I received one response where he added a reason that was never previously mentioned for not getting my deposit back- one that he agreed to and essentially went back on our agreed upon situation- but he generally refused to text or email and at one point would only address any concern verbally. The place was not a palace and I knew that going in. I did not however know about the ac issues and various other things breaking and taking so long for maintenance and being ignored. It is however in the heights - a really great neighborhood within walking distance of coffee shops and such as well as 10 minutes from where I was working. The entire experience was extremely stressful and aggravating. The rent was cheap and the location was great but in my opinion the landlord issues and maintenance issues alone were awful enough that it would have been well worth it to pay a few hundred more and live closer in downtown.

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