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88 Cuttermill Road, Great Neck, NY, USA

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August 25, 2020
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I have lived at many rental properties over the last 10 years and have had zero issues except with this management company (LaLezarian Developers). There could be other employees at this company who are more professional, responsible, and helpful, but I can only speak about Kathleen Walker and Katherine Rohail, the property managers for my building.

I do not like leaving negative reviews, but my experience with them over the last 3 years has been horrible. It has also been more than 60 days since I have moved out of my unit, and I have still not received my security deposit despite following up with them every few days for the past 6 weeks. Every time I contact them, they tell me they will followup on the issue but then they never get back to me until I contact them again. The only way you can get them to do their job is if you repeatedly harass them, escalate the issue, and make threats.

I lived at 88 Cuttermill Road Apt 106 for 3 years because of the convenience (close to my job, indoor parking, inunit washer dryer, next to LIRR), but I do not feel they care about the comfort or happiness of their tenants. My unit had many problems including a leaking toilet, broken heater, broken water heater, broken fridge, and a very leaky shower faucet that was causing a serious mold issue. Only a third of those things were fixed over the 3 years I was there. Every time I called them to get something fixed, they would rarely followup unless I threatened them or escalated the issue. I had to threaten to discontinue paying rent in order to get the water heater fixed in a timely way. This was when I was taking care of COVID patients in the hospital and needed to be able to take a thorough shower when I got home. Ice cold showers are not fun :(

Kathleen Walker is a very rude and unhelpful person. She always seemed very annoyed if I came to her with any questions and she told me a couple times via email that it was not her responsibility to deal with the broken items in my apartment. She would also tell me it was not her responsibility to answer some of my leasing questions. She would never redirect me to anyone else that could assist me though. I do not think this woman should have a job where she has to interact or help others. It is not her forte.

For those of you thinking of moving to this unit, the location is definitely convenient and it is tolerable (if you have low-ish standards) as long as you are there for a short time. Just know that things will not work 100% and it will be hard to get them fixed because the management company does not follow up on things and can be unresponsive (seems like common theme after reading everyone else's reviews here). Also, there are a lot of insects since it is on the first floor next to a garden. There is an ant and spider infestation every summer.

All I want is to get my $5000 back so I do not have to continue sending emails to them. I do not want to deal with this company any longer. I am hesitant to file a small claims court case, but feel that I may have to in order to get my check back before winter. If anyone else has had any issues getting their security deposit back, please reach out and let me know.

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