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887 Oakdale Avenue, Springfield, OR, USA

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February 13, 2013
Management Company/Landlord
Building/Apartment Maintenance

The Good:

Cloverdale Apts does have fairly low rent for such a convenient location.
Having a washer/dryer unit with the apartment is also a big plus & one of the main reasons we moved in.
It also is well maintained & I have had pretty good experiences with neighbors as far as being quiet & courteous.

The Bad:
Over the past 5 years management has changed 5 or 6 times---no joke! Some of the managers have been good & some terrible. With each change in management, it seems the maintenance requests fall way behind while the new management catches up.
Management even sometimes uses my reserved parking spot for their maintenance carts!

While rent is a good deal, in my opinion, you can still count on $20 rent increase each & every year.
They also have taken away the included basic cable package recently.
They justified taking away the cable by saying it was to avoid raising rent & then raised rent anyway 3 or 4 months later.

Children -- recently management has notified the group that children cannot play outside without an adult present. They also cannot play on the grassy areas in front of or behind the apartments (only in the park).
They also cannot play in the entryway of their apartment door.

Fines --- You will get fined $50 if you have anything on your back porch besides a BBQ or Patio Furniture.
You will get fined $50 if you don't break down your boxes before putting them in recycling.
You will get fined $50 if you put trash in the recycling bin.

Bottom Line: The restrictions are becoming more & more oppressive, rent is getting more expensive but the customer service is becoming less & less a priority.