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903 West Spofford Avenue, Spokane, WA, USA

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February 19, 2018
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The owner of 903 W Spofford in Spokane Wa will be a terrible experience for you, if you decide to rent from him. The building has BED BUGS and the owner is aware.

Wei "Will" Yan will do nothing, or he WILL call the exterminator if YOU will pay the bill.

AVOID The Yan & Zhang, The Spofford Property, Llc

He owns 3 properties in the Spokane area. Avoid all 3, please.

Terrible management. The building is NOT maintained. The building has 10 units. One washer. One dryer in the basement. The washer NEVER works. The appliances break often and will not replaced. "Will" will do everything in his power to NOT spend any money on this building, but will NOT hesitate to keep your deposit and come up with any reason to bill you for more.

NASTY, terrible business practices. If I could get this building shut down, believe me, I would.