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925 Daryl Drive, Burlington, ON, Canada

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August 29, 2016
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This property is owned by an old lady and she lives in the house. The first problem I faced there was with parking, she comes in late on weekends and wants the drive way empty and I got a ticket for parking on the street. Moreover, at my time there she was renting to 4 people 3 had car there are only two real parking spots, 4 cars including her. It was always a hassle if you have to leave early or if you come back late.

Also, I was humiliated so many times by her for simple reasons like leaving the drawer open in the kitchen. She literally shouted at me for such a simple thing. I also saw her going through my garbage and entering one of the roommates room without their permission, there is literally no privacy. She once knocked on my door and I didn't answer but she just unlocked the door and let herself in.

Also the refrigerator is shared and she will always put her stuff with mine for some reason which is beyond my understanding. Although she has central AC and heating but she sets the temperature high during summers and less during winters, on first floor it was a hot mess the average temperature in my room during summer was around 30 degrees. During my 6 months there, 5 people left before me staying 3 or less months.

She also has organic garbage bad right next to the kitchen stove which reeked and attracted flies and what not, all I could do is eat out.

All in all this was my worst renting experience and I have been renting for more then 4 years.

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