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9307 Huston Road, , CA, USA

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January 1, 2020
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I’ve lived here a little over a year and the cost of rent is very affordable for being in the greater Los Angeles area. This is a rental for a room with a small shared bathroom in a family home. For the most part the neighborhood is quiet minus how the sound echos in the canyon when the neighborhood dogs bark all at once.

There is parking in the driveway as the streets are narrow and there are no sidewalks or street parking.

The bathroom, although it has a bath tub, only has a shower that works. So, if you enjoy baths, you wouldn’t be able to take a bath.

The son of the landlord practices music and there’s no particular time that this happens. If you’re sensitive to noise, slamming doors, or loud music from time to time then I would not recommend this rental.

The house is also occupied by 4 cats, 3 dogs and a parrot. There’s animal noise as well.

There’s limited use of the laundry room and a shared kitchen.

Honestly, this rental is good for a college age student but I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone over 30 or if you’re wanting the feeling of it being your home too.

Heat and air conditioning is controlled by the landlord and, in my experience, heat isn’t turned on unless it’s below freezing and AC if it’s above about 90 degrees.

I will say the landlord is very nice and keeps to themselves but can be a bit difficult at times. I think that just happens when you live with people when you’re cohabitating that long or longer.

I hope this review gives a basic overview of the rental and helps anyone making any decisions. Like I said, I feel this is good for college kids or if you need a place as a stepping stone.

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