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2904 Poplar Street, Philadelphia, PA, USA

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Recent Reviews

1539 South Marston Street, Philadelphia, PA, USA
by Anonymous

The landlord is the most unprofessional human being I have ever encountered. He is rude and will not come out and fix things right way, takes his time with everything, we ended up fixing it ourselves. Never ...
13207 Larkgate Drive, San Antonio, TX, USA
by Anonymous

Alright so the "loft" apartment is nice don't get me wrong but the stress the landlord puts you through is insanity, she not only expects you to answer immediatly if she calls but treats you like a child, ...
4182 Le Bourget Avenue, Culver City, CA, USA
by Anonymous

The house is located across the street from Carlson Park, a wonderful community park in central Culver City, full kids and families during the week, and sweet, fun events on the weekends. Braddock is a busier ...