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300 Crown Court, Edgewater, NJ, USA

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Recent Reviews

2114 Bailey Place, Santa Clara, CA, USA
by Anonymous

Less than 1 star..Not a clean place to live ,no value for the money what you are paying for .. Negatives Bed bugs(living room is fully infested with bed bugs but not sure about other rooms) Unclean and ...
326 North Kendall Avenue, Kalamazoo, MI, USA
by Anonymous

This is a very small, run-down, three-bedroom house. The house was in poor condition when we moved in and the landlords did little to nothing about it, despite our attempts to work with them. I would not ...
135 South 42nd Street, Boulder, CO, USA
by Anonymous

I lived in the basement apartment underneath my landlord. My landlord was awesome & absolutely perfect for 2 whole years, we flooded & she made sure everything was fixed, we regularly drank wine together & ...