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4 Lynmont Road, Toronto, ON, Canada

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Recent Reviews

6 Panorama Avenue, Ringwood North, VIC, Australia
by Anonymous

This property has had many issues since we moved in. All of which were shrugged off by both the agent and landlord. We've had to issue two 'Breach of Contract' documents just to get the basics fixed. Even ...
63 Salmon Falls Road, Rochester, NH, USA
by Anonymous

63 Salmon Falls is managed by 63 Salmon Falls LLC - but it's realistically just Kurt Jackson. Kurt Jackson is not a good landlord. He acts as he physically presents - like a shady used car salesman. But ...
21316 Sears Drive, Golden Hills, CA, USA
by Anonymous

The Landlords at this property are amazing. Very responsive to any repairs that need to be done. Super respectful of your privacy. Easy to work with super professional. Best Landlords I ever had.