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I am currently living at 60 Clipper Road for the last 5 years. This building focuses mainly on COSMETIC appearances only in common areas of the building (ie. lobby, laundry room). The units are old and out dated. They're also falling apart. Closet doors don't stay on the tracks. The fake parkay flooring is deteriorating. They use old heating system where you don't control the temperature of your unit. Extremely cold in the winters. During the summer months molding occurs on the walls. No ventilation system in the bathroom. Bathroom ceiling paint is peeling off creating further molding. Laundry facility looks great (recently painted and received new furniture only). However machines are old and out dated with constant issues of being "out of service". Clothes don't dry properly wasting money and time to re-dry. However management claims if this occurs to fill out a work order and submit. All the while you still have to spend further money to re-dry clothes ($2 to wash/dry). Facility is not 24 hours and tenants do not respect the wash/dry time resulting in long wait times for machines and/or taking wet clothes to a laundry mat. Underground parking garage is deteriorating. You will receive several requests throughout the year that they will be entering your unit to fix something mandatory. However they will not provide enough notice for you to clean up etc. Especially if you are a full time working family. Notices are provided late afternoons advising they will be entering the unit the following day! They always have something to fix or change. I will be paying approx. $1,400 (2 bdrm) come May 2018. Rent increases every year (within the guidelines), however living here becomes more expensive yearly without any new unit improvements. Hope this helps with your search! Good luck!

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