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This place is a complete joke. After living there for a year, they have finally started to fix the place up a bit but this has just resulted in management changing the dates that there will be work last minute, leaving the building half pulled apart, and various trucks parking so that tenants struggle to leave the lot. When we first moved in our Landlords did a very basic walk through and didn't realize that half the appliances were broken or did not work. After blatantly calling us liars and going on about how their last tenant was perfect, they finally came to the suite and low and behold, we were correct. It took them 3 months to fix these items and almost acted like it was our fault. I lost my brand new sheets because of the washer and they were never replace, not even a sorry. We went on vacation and let our landlord know she could do showings for the place, she did not communicate that she would we having open houses, we found out on RentFaster.. Then we spent a few days making the house look beautiful and the landlords decided to nit-pick the entire suite. There has been no updates or love to this suite in a very long time. Peeling wallpaper, mold issues, the fridge seal is broken and now they're trying to make us responsible for their lack of respect to their own suite. DO NOT RENT HERE! Nothing but issues, and beyond rude and unprofessional people stealing your money.

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