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Hi I lived on the upper all female floor of this house for about 2 years In terms of wanting a house in which you can achieve academic success this house is totally what you want: - it's in a quiet family neighbourhood (not the party one) - really clean - again it's seriously silent (usually you're asked to be quiet if you're making too much noise - better have those headphones :P) - not many guests come over - everything is allotted a time - overall everything is REALLY well organized - oh and everything is furnished - you have a bed, a desk, lamp - its the whole package (and they look good!) - the landlord does the cleaning of the kitchen and washroom. Obviously there also drawbacks, ill try to mention the key ones: - no overnight guest (if you're bringing day guests - you have to let the landlord know - this is because of safety and privacy reasons) - everything is allotted a time (you have specific laundry days, there are quiet hours - you cannot take a shower after 11pm and should step out to make a phone call) - you are living with the landlord, so you're not going to be able to get away with not obeying the rules - shared kitchen on main floor with landlord and other girls (im not sure if this is a disadvantage but you do have to share) All that being said, I personally had a pretty good experience living at the house with the Landlord and the other girls. It is a welcoming environment - but the main goal of the landlord and the rules is to be able to provide a distraction free working environment.

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