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DO NOT RENT FROM TODD HOWARTH, this man is the reason for the term "slumlord". He harrasses his tenants on a daily bases, goes in their homes without any prior 24 hour notice, steals, lies and has a severe drinking problem. When my rental home was broken into and the front door was kicked in he told me if I did not pay $300.00 for a new front door that he would evict and sue me for the remaining lease amount. When I told him that was illegal and that he had no right to evict me over a home invasion he waited almost two weeks to replace my front door leaving me with no security in a home I was renting from him. Todd also makes you pay your rent on the first of the month or charges a $25.00 late fee per day, which is illegal for him to do to tenants under TN state law. After Todd Howarth decided to sue all of my neighbors including myself he stole my phone bill from my mailbox and tried to have my business phone number disconnected. In addition he turned off our water supply we paid for as tenants in our names and cut of our air conditioning in August to "teach us a lesson". Fortunately we won our court cases against him! Do not rent from this man he is a slumlord and will do nothing but make you miserable.

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