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10235 Farralone Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311, has an illegal Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). Owners have been illegally renting it out over 10 years. No Certificate of Occupancy registered with City of Los Angeles EVER, plumbing and electrical not up to code. Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety Inspectors have inspected property several times and to date have done nothing to hold them accountable for Order To Comply Notice they received November of 2008. Landlords gave front door keys to neighbor and I caught him entering our premises illegally. We specifically asked landlord to not allow anyone, especially him, to have keys as landlords hired him to fix the front door and frame and we did not trust him. Landlord allowed him to keep keys and every weekend we would notice money, jewelry, and my undergarments missing. Objects that were out in the open would be moved around and our drawers would be messy. Landlord continued to deny he had keys until I caught him entering. Landlord still denied actions. Water heater broken for 2/3 years had to shower with cold water, constant problems with plumbing as toilet and piping not up to code. Septic tank 8" away from toilet on other side of wall and we ended up forking out money constantly t unclog and repair. Electrical power constantly going off, harassment and retaliation from both landlords and neighbors. It has been a nightmare. We saw that landlords are renting place out online and they have done nothing to fix any of the VIOLATIONS. They are habitual liars and did know they were engaging in criminal behavior for years.

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