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TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE. I would not recommend this landlord or property to anyone. It all started when I moved into the unit and had issues with the landlord not responding to my issues. He starts out by saying to write down issues and post them to your door but he's rarely if ever on the property. The first of many issues occurred when the smoke detectors were malfunctioning and he refused to replace the batteries so we listened to the alarms chirp constantly from December to September. Next, our hot water heater went out and after texting Mark he said to go down to the basement and troubleshoot it myself. The next issue was when I discovered a squirrel in my wall and then mice running around our apartment due to the fact that you are told to leave garbage piled up in front of your door, indoors. Next the washer and dryer that you pay for stopped working. For 4 weeks he refused to come by and look at the dryer after going back and forth over text. This landlord tries to manage all his properties by himself and has since turned away so many residents that didn't know better. I wish I had this info before signing a 12 month lease. Look elsewhere trust me.

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