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TLDR: The only reason why I am giving this building one star instead of zero is because of wonderful the maintenance, front-desk, and mailroom staff. The sound insulation in this building is absolutely terrible. I have communicated this with management/leasing and they've done nothing. I've been patiently putting in requests per their protocols - nothing. I can't wait to move out in a month. I've been in a two-bedroom for two years at this location now and if it wasn't for the terrible insulation and noise caused by an upstairs neighbor, I'd stay here for another 5. PROS: - Maintenance requests are usually fulfilled same day. They are super responsive, sensible and honestly a joy to see working. Same with the Front-desk and mailroom staff. They are all flexible, helpful, and generally good people all around - The location is great - two, three blocks from generally every single subway station. - Plenty of elevators - compared to most buildings around this neighborhood, you have to wait forever to get anyway in and out of the building - Great amenities and very well maintained. Lots of grills, outdoor space, etc. I'm a little upset they turned the game room into a children's room since I used it alot but it make sense. CONS: - The amenities fee is an additional $100 per month, per unit. There are additional fees for bike storage and nearly $150 more for the gym. Almost none of the buildings around the neighborhood have such high fees. - While the gym is very nice, its a Chelsea Fitness location that's open to the public so its VERY crowded most times of the day - Insulation and noise. There's an older review that echos this, but if you have any semblance of sanity and value your sleep - pray that your neighbors aren't loud. I live in a two bedroom and while the first year and half was great - this last half year has been absolutely unbearable. My upstairs neighbor has two toddlers that start to thrash toys on the ground, pace/jump back and forth, drag chairs, etc in ceaseless unending noise at all hours of the day - but particularly in the early mornings and late evenings when I most need sleep. I don't have anything against children and understand parenthood is difficult, kids will be kids, etc...but there is a clear stipulation in our lease that 80% of the floor must be covered with carpeting. I had to complain for months before management considered invoking this. Then, when the noise didn't subside, they conducted a 'noise test' where there was barely an attempt to recreate the conditions I have suffered through from months. At their explicit recommendation, they asked me to continue making calls and logs - while I have continued to do this, they explicitly gave up and said there was nothing they could do for me. I then asked for rent concessions and leasing was totally inflexible, despite my repeated, patient pleas and documented attempts. For anyone that values good sleep, peace and quiet with privacy - I suggest you avoid this building as best you can. For the price you pay at this building, it is totally unacceptable. Or hope that your neighbors exercise good respectful etiquette. I can't wait to move out in a month.

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