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When I heard about the reviews on January 2019 of previous tenants, I was thinking that I need to say something on behalf of the landlord. I just want to inform the prospective tenants that the landlord of this unit is very kind, nice, understanding, fair, good Catholic & never once intrude with us. I renting her other unit @ Rancho Santa Margarita for almost 15 years and my husband and I are still her tenants. I understand when she start to increase the rent bc the rent is way below fair market value. She told me about her struggle with the HOA of this unit and she also sue the HOA & HOA negotiate with her. It’s been 4 years then she finally had enough after the HOA charged her of “special assessment” fee. I heard about this previous tenant, all I can say is she has vendetta against the landlord bc she was not rehire, she tried hard to convince the landlord and she told her she cried and it’s was a misunderstanding between her & her fiancé at that time about her fiancé asking for $500 credit towards their rent for November 2018. This tenant for what the landlord told me never told her that she is loosing time or hours @ work when dealing w/ HOA’s demand for entry & get building permits etc. People are vindictive like this previous tenant who wrote this horrible reviews on January 2019 which is inaccurate & she seems RACIST as well by her stating that the landlord has “poor communication.” Landlords have the RIGHT to show units as long as tenants were given 24 hours notifications. As I said, we are still her tenants and never once she intrude and she always make sure that she notify us more than 24 hours if she needs to enter our unit.

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