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The landlord that purchased the property in 2020 is now looking to sell it. They are dishonest. Promise to make things right and don't follow through. Acts like problems aren't theirs when they absolutely are. Tries to sidestep common morality and is only corrected when you point out the law. Out of touch with typical pricing in the area. Bad at communicating. Is actively trying to flip the property for almost half a million profit. The only renovations were installation of vinyl flooring and new light fixtures in half the apartments. Upped the rent by 27% which won't hold. Tenants will leave and rent will have to be restored to typical price. This is a glorified studio that only might qualify for a one bedroom because the Loft is upstairs. There are technically no rooms except for bathrooms and closets. It's well suited for a single person, but for a couple, the apartments becomes cluttered because there isn't enough storage space. Also, you can hear everything going on in the whole apartment because there are no doors, just open room and loft. Neighbors used to be heavy smokers. Now ALL neighbors have multiple dogs that are very loud and poorly controlled. One even cordoned off the backyard and put physical barriers to it so no one else can use it. The only people foolish enough to rent these underwhelming apartments at a $700 markup are rich, young people from NYC. And more foolish is the person who buys this less than a year later for a $488k markup. Hardly any significant work was done on it. Maybe 4 to 8k in renovations.

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